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VW T3 Lower South Africa Grill - Stand Out with Unique Style and Rugged Durability!

Picture this: Your T3, commanding attention with a distinctive and rugged look, thanks to this custom-designed grill. This grill adds a unique and eye-catching touch to your T3's front end while providing durability.

Key Features:
💪 Durable Construction: Made from high-quality ABS plastic, ensuring a long-lasting and robust finish.
🎨 Unique Style: Offers a rugged and eye-catching look, making your T3 stand out from the crowd.
🔧 Easy Installation: Simply screw it in place for a quick and straightforward installation.

Enjoy a bold and distinctive look for your T3!

VW T3 Südafrika Grill

279,99 €Preis
Nicht verfügbar
  • Hergestellt aus hochwertigem ABS-Kunststoff
  • nicht Original !! (Eigenproduktion)
  • geeignet für den VW T3 Bus
  • MMT3Tuning
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